10-Dart Banana Clip
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

10 Elite Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

Available with the Demolisher


N-Strike Elite, Demolisher

The 10-Dart Banana Clip is a clip introduced in 2014 and included with the Demolisher. This is the first banana clip Nerf has produced not including the Super Soaker Water Banana Clip. As the name suggests, it holds 10 Elite Darts. The clip is also partly transparent, like other Elite clips.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike with the Water Banana Clip where the curve in the clip actually is able to store water, the curve in the 10-Dart Banana Clip is ornamental, as it is just dead space, and doesn't actually hold anything. The only things which it is useful for are looks, realism and cosmetic mods.
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