Themes Introduced

Blasters Introduced

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Ballzooka Nerf Action 15 Ballistic Balls $29.99 Good
Chainblazer Nerf Action 8 Mega Darts $14.99 Good
Crossbow Nerf Action 3 Arrows, 5 Mega Darts $24.99 Good
Double Crossbow Nerf Action 6 Arrows $19.99 Mediocre
Eagle Eye Max Force 3 Mega Darts $19.99 Decent
Maximizer Mattel 2 Mini Ballista Missiles $14.99 Decent
Quickstrike Hyper Rip Rockets 4 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
Rattler Max Force 4 Micro Darts $14.99 Good
Razorbeast Max Force 15 Mega Darts $24.99 Terrible
Rocketstorm Hyper Rip Rockets 4 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
SneakShot Nerf Action 3 Mega Darts $19.99 Poor
Switchfire Nerf Action 3 Ballistic Balls, 3 Missiles $19.99 Poor
Ultimator Mattel 2 Mattel Missiles $24.99 Mixed


  • Different varieties of size are tested this year, small being Hyper Rip Rockets, medium being Max Force and large being Nerf Action.
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