Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters Introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Backlash Ambush Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Poor
Glider Launcher Aero 1 Aero Glider $14.99 Poor
Hidden Shot Ambush Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
Iron Raptor Max Force 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Poor
RipSaw Nerf Action 3 Ballistic Balls $14.99 Decent
Sawtooth Max Force 10 Mega Darts $19.99 Good
Secret Shot Nerf Action 3 Micro Darts $14.99 Decent
Sharpshooter II Nerf Action 4 Mega Darts $19.99 Good
Warthog Max Force 4 Micro Darts $11.99 Good
Whipshot Rip Rockets 1 Micro Dart $6.99 Poor
Wrist Blitzer Ambush Rip Rockets 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Poor

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
G.I. Joe Extreme G.I. Joe Unknown Novelty Air Pressure
Power Rangers PR-100 Power Rangers 115mL Air Pressure
Power Rangers PR-200 Power Rangers 890mL Air Pressure
Super Soaker Keychains Novelty Super Soaker Unknown Novelty Piston Pressure
XP 35 XP 450mL Air Pressure
XP 55 XP 880mL Air Pressure
XP 95 XP 1.08L Air Pressure

News Edit

  • Rip Rockets becomes the first theme to be re-introduced.
  • Aero Gliders are introduced.
  • The first Nerf video game is planned to be released on the Atari Jaguar CD called Max Force: The Video Game, however due to the console's failure on the market it is cancelled. It would be another 4 years until a new Nerf video game is released.

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