Themes introduced Edit

Blasters introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Big Bad Bow Hyper Sight 3 Arrows $19.99 Good
Expand-A-Blast Hyper Sight 5 Mega Darts $19.99 Poor
FastFire Koosh Vortex 4 Koosh Rings $6.99 Poor
Lock 'n' Load Hyper Sight 3 Mega Darts $14.99 Good
Mono Blast Hyper Sight 3 Micro Darts $7.99 Good
NitroQuad Mega Blitz 4 Micro Darts $9.99 Poor
Pulsator Mega Blitz 6 Ballistic Balls $19.99 Poor
Range Shot Hyper Sight 3 Micro Darts $9.99 Poor
RipChord Mega Blitz 5 Micro Darts $14.99 Good
Spin Sight Koosh Vortex 1 Koosh Ring $6.99 Good
SuperMaxx 250 SuperMaxx 4 Micro Darts $6.99 Mixed
SuperMaxx 3000 (Green) SuperMaxx 8 Micro Darts $19.99 Poor
SuperMaxx 5000 SuperMaxx 3 Ballistic Balls, 3 Arrows and 5 Larami Darts $24.99 Poor
SuperMaxx Disc Shooter SuperMaxx 6 Foam Disks $19.99 Poor
Tornado Koosh Vortex 5 Koosh Rings $24.99 Good
Tornado X/2 Koosh Vortex 1 Koosh Ring $19.99 Good
Triple Torch Mega Blitz 3 Mega Darts, 3 Micro Darts, 1 Triple Torch Arrow $9.99 Good

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
CPS 1000 CPS 2.3L Elastic Pressure
CPS 1500 CPS 3L Elastic Pressure
CPS 2500 CPS 3.1L Elastic Pressure
CPS 3000 CPS 8L Elastic Pressure
Super Soaker 50: 10th Anniversary Edition Classic Super Soaker 700mL Air Pressure
XP 20 XP 220mL Air Pressure
XP 40 XP 460mL Air Pressure
XP 70 XP 900mL Air Pressure
XP 75: Classic Series XP 1.3L Air Pressure
XP 110 XP 1.2L Air Pressure
XP 150: Classic Series XP 1.5L Air Pressure

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