Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Airtech 1000 Action Blasters 4 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
Atom Blaster Ball Blasters 1 Ballistic Ball $7.99 Good
Atomizer Action Blasters 2 Ballistic Balls $7.99 Poor
Tech Target Action Blasters 3 Micro Darts $29.99 Good

Super Soakers Released Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
Aquapack Devastator SoakerTag Elite 2.95L Elastic Pressure
Arctic Shock SoakerTag Elite 1.35L Air Pressure
Flash Flood SoakerTag Elite 1.17L Elastic Pressure
Jack-in-the-Box Super Soakers Promotional Unknown Novelty Piston Pressure
Mt. Tiki Soki Aqua Squirtz Infinite Novelty Hose Pressure
Star Wars Wookiee Blaster Star Wars Unknown Air Pressure
Subway Super Soakers Promotional Unknown Novelty Piston Pressure
Triple Shot (Super Soaker) SoakerTag Elite 480mL Air Pressure

News Edit

  • Only two new blasters are released, with the other two being re-releases.
  • Some N-Strike and Dart Tag fans believe the lines to be discontinued because of no new blasters released.
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