Themes Introduced


Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Disk Shot N-Strike 6 Target Disks/Micro Darts $49.99 Good
Disk Shot Expansion Pack N-Strike 6 Micro Darts $9.99 Good
Eliminator N-Strike 2 Dart Tag Darts $39.99 Mixed
Magstrike AS-10 N-Strike 10 Whistler Darts $24.99 Good
Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster Transformers 3 Mega Darts $19.99 Poor
Optimus Prime Blaster Transformers 3 Micro Darts $19.99 Poor
Recon CS-6 N-Strike 6 Streamline Darts $19.99 Good
Spider-Man vs Venom Dart Tag Blasters Dart Tag 6 Dart Tag Darts $24.99 Good
Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster Transformers 3 Mega Darts $19.99 Poor


  • Second year where Transformers blasters are released.
  • This was the last year that Mega Darts were included with a blaster, and they were Screamin' Mega Darts.

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