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Blasters Introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Firestrike (Early) N-Strike Elite 3 Elite Darts $9.99 Good
Hail-Fire N-Strike Elite 48 Elite Darts $39.99 Good
Lumitron Light It Up, Vortex 10 Glow Disks $29.99 Good
Praxis Sonic Series, Vortex 10 Vortex Disks $34.99 Good
Proton Sonic Series, Vortex 1 Vortex Disk $14.99 Decent
Pyragon Vortex 40 Vortex Disks $39.99 Stellar
Rampage N-Strike Elite 25 Elite Darts $32.99 Good
Rayven CS-18 (Official) Light It Up, N-Strike 18 Glow Darts $29.99 Good
Retaliator N-Strike Elite 12 Elite Darts $24.99 Good
Rough Cut 2x4 (Early) N-Strike Elite 8 Elite Darts $19.99 Good
SnapFire 8 Dart Tag 8 Tagger Whistler Darts $19.99 Good
SpeedLoad 6 Dart Tag 6 Tagger Whistler Darts $14.99 Good
SpeedSwarm Dart Tag 10 Tagger Whistler Darts $19.99 Good
Stockade N-Strike Elite 20 Elite Darts £24.99 Good
Strongarm (Early) N-Strike Elite 6 Elite Darts $9.99 Good
Stryfe (Early) N-Strike Elite 6 Elite Darts $19.99 Good
SwarmFire Dart Tag 20 Tagger Whistler Darts $34.99 Good
Vigilon Sonic Series, Vortex 5 Vortex Disks $17.99 Good

Super Soakers Introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
Electrostorm Storm series 85mL of water $9.99 Poor
Lightningstorm Storm series 1.235L of water $24.99 Mixed
Microburst Nerf Super Soaker series 77mL of water $5.99 Mixed
Soaker Bolt Nerf Super Soaker series ? $10.99 ?
Soaker Burst Nerf Super Soaker series ? $9.99 ?

News Edit

  • Ever popular blog site, Urban Taggers, is temporarily shut down by Hasbro lawyers because of getting sneak peeks of new blasters. The site has since been allowed back on the internet. Then they were shut down period the year after.
  • The Light It Up series was officially launched on the 3rd of March.
  • Singapore gets a Elite colored Pinpoint Sight promotion if a Nerfer purchases $40 or more worth of Nerf products.
  • All 2011 Dart Tag blasters, with the exception of the SnapFire 8 and the Quick 16, get a blue-coloured trigger, meaning that it is more powerful.
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