Themes Introduced Edit

Blasters Introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Price Reviews
4Victory Rebelle Secrets and Spies 4 Secret Message Darts 14.99 USD Good
Apollo XV-700 RIVAL 7 High Impact Rounds 24.99 USD Excellent
Arrow Revolution Rebelle Secrets and Spies 7 Arrow Darts ??? Poor
Bigshock N-Strike Elite Mega 2 Elite Mega Darts 9.99 USD Good
Codebreaker Rebelle Secrets and Spies 8 Secret Message Darts 24.99 USD Good
Crossbolt N-Strike Elite 12 Elite Darts 24.99 USD Mixed
Cycloneshock N-Strike Elite Mega 6 Elite Mega Darts 19.99 USD Excellent
Dauntless Charmed 3 Collectible Darts ??? Good
Doominator Zombie Strike 24 Zombie Strike Darts 39.99 USD Mixed
Doubledown N-Strike 2 Elite Darts 11.99 USD Stellar
EverFierce Charmed 5 Collectible Darts 24.99 USD Mixed
Fair Fortune Charmed 4 Collectible Darts 19.99 USD Mixed
Fearless Fire Rebelle Secrets and Spies 20 Collectible Darts 39.99 USD Good
FlipFury Zombie Strike 12 Zombie Strike Darts 19.99 USD Good
Lawbringer Doomlands 2169 12 Doomlands Darts ??? Good
Mini Mischief Rebelle Secrets and Spies 2 Secret Message Darts 9.99 USD Mixed
Modulus ECS-10 Modulus 10 Elite Darts 49.99 USD Good
Rotofury N-Strike Elite Mega 10 Elite Mega Darts 34.99 USD Excellent
Secret Shot Rebelle Secrets and Spies 4 Secret Message Darts 19.99 USD Good
Sharpfire N-Strike 7 Elite Darts 15.99 USD Good
Slingback Rebelle Secrets and Spies 1 Collectible Dart 9.99 USD Good
SlingStrike N-Strike Elite 3 Elite Darts 9.99 USD Good
SnapFire N-Strike 3 Elite Darts 4.99 USD Poor
Splitstrike 2-in-1 N-Strike Elite 4 Elite Darts ??? Good
Strongheart Bow Rebelle Secrets and Spies 4 Secret Message Darts ??? Mixed
Thunderblast N-Strike 3 Elite Missiles 24.99 USD Mixed
Vagabond Doomlands 2169 6 Doomlands Darts 24.99 USD Good
Zeus MXV-1200 RIVAL 12 High Impact Rounds 49.99 USD Excellent
ZR-100 Eraser BioSquad 1 Zombie Strike Dart, 1 can of Zombie Repellent ??? Mixed
ZR-800 Abolisher BioSquad 8 Zombie Strike Darts, 1 can of water, 1 can of Zombie Repellent ??? Mixed

Super Soakers introduced Edit

Title Theme Capacity Type
Cascade Rebelle 600mL Piston pressure blaster
Dreadshot Zombie Strike 750mL Piston pressure blaster
Extinguisher Zombie Strike 138mL Piston pressure Novelty blaster
Flashflood Nerf Super Soaker series 700mL Piston pressure blaster
Floodfire Nerf Super Soaker series 1.415L Piston pressure blaster
Microburst II Nerf Super Soaker series 280mL Piston pressure blaster
Splatterblast Zombie Strike 1.07L Piston pressure blaster
Tidal Torpedo 2-in-1 Nerf Super Soaker 1 torpedo/295mL Piston pressure blaster
Tri Threat Rebelle 740mL Piston pressure blaster
Washout Nerf Super Soaker 650mL Piston pressure blaster
Wave Warrior Rebelle 1.7L Piston pressure blaster

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