24" arrow
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Rebelle (canceled)
Dude Perfect (upcoming)

Warning This product has yet to be released in stores.
The 24" arrow is a Nerf ammo type.


As the name of this ammunition type implies, it is twenty-four inches in length. This design aspect makes these arrows a bit more than twice the length of the classic 11" arrow of the 1990s. It consists of a plastic shaft with a rubberized, compressible arrowhead and fins. They are designed for target shooting, to be fired at targets from long distances with blasters that are powerful enough to launch them. 


Originally, these large and lengthy arrows were going to be the ammunition for the Rebelle series Platinum Bow blaster, but it was canceled.

However, with the announcement of the Dude Perfect Signature Bow, which also uses them, at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. Also showcased at the New York Toy Fair is a three-arrow refill pack. The blaster, along with the ammunition, was released in August/September 2017.

Compatible blastersEdit

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