25-Dart Belt
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

25 Whistler Darts

Average Retail Price(s):



Vulcan EBF-25

The 25-Dart Belt is a 2008 Nerf ammunition holder that comes with the Vulcan EBF-25. The belt itself replaces the previous chains, allowing darts to be rapidly fed, with little to no jamming and minimal dart damage. The belts can be modified to extend infinitely, however, if the belt is extended, the belt should not be stressing the motor, or the motor might overheat and burn up. It has come in grey, transparent and transparent green. It can be bought several times to create a giant stream of belts with an infinite supply of darts. This is because you can modify the belt to be attached to other belts, therefore increasing the capacity. The belt is compatible with most darts. Extra belts can be purchased seperately from the Vulcan, packaged with 25 Sonic Micro Darts or 25 Whistler Darts.

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