40-Disc Drum
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

40 XLR discs


Vortex, Pyragon

The 40-Disc Drum is a type of ammo drum that was released with the Pyragon. It was released in late 2012 and was the first Vortex drum. It also holds the record for largest capacity in a drum magazine, forty, excluding the unreleased 50-Dart Drum that was meant for the Stampede ECS.

Details Edit

This drum has three chambers. The first is essentially a 20-Disc Magazine, with the other two being essentially 10-Disc Magazines. The drum has a knob that can be turned to rotate the chambers around. It also has an "unload" lever on it, which when loaded into the clip feeding area of a Vortex blaster, is pressed down. The unload lever allows the chambers to rotate when a chamber is emptied.

Compatible Blasters Edit

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