50-Dart Drum
Year Released:

2010 (cancelled) 2019



Stock Capacity:

50 Streamline Darts


N-Strike (Stampede ECS) (cancelled) N-Strike Elite

The 50-Dart Drum is a drum that holds 50 Elite Darts. It was going to be released with the Stampede ECS. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled, due to functional complications with the drum. Along with that, Hasbro was unable to obtain the patent in time for the blaster's release. It works very similarly to a Beta C-Mag.

In 2019, Nerf has announced the Titan CS-50, which uses this previously cancelled drum. According to Hasbro, the Titan CS-50 is to be released in Fall 2019.


  • Theoretically, the cancelled version of this drum may had been able to fit in probably up to 55 darts without damaging the darts or drum. However, having more darts than recommended can result in more frequent jamming.

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