The 6-Dart Clip is a clip that holds darts to speed the process of reloading a compatible Nerf
6-dart clip
blaster. It is compatible with any clip system blaster such as the Recon CS-6 and Longshot CS-6. It is usually found packaged with Streamline Darts, because they are the only darts, besides Elite Darts, that the clip will hold. Other darts can jam the blaster when fired. The clips can also break if inserted incorrectly.

Trivia Edit

  • Some nerfers mod their clips to make them longer and to fit more darts.
  • It is possible to fit 7 darts in the clip, but this can can increase the risk of your blaster jamming.
  • If the darts are not inserted correctly, the blaster will chew the darts, resulting in a unusable dart.
  • Clips were once sold in yellow, however they are now only sold in orange today to make sight easier. These yellow clips were sold solely with the blue Longshot CS-6 and have not been packaged with another blaster or sold with dart refills since then.

    The old yellow six-dart clip

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