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List of Nerf Themes

The Action Blasters theme was a line of Nerf blasters that served as the flagship Nerf series for 2003. It was first introduced in 2003 with the Tech Target, and followed up that same year with the Big Bad Titan and a re-release of the Reactor. Released the following year was a new version of the Big Bad Bow. In 2005 the Atomizer and Airtech 1000 were re-released under the Action Blasters name as well. There was also a Action Blasters-branded Sonic Micro Dart refill package, but it has since been replaced by a regular, non-themed refill pack. The last product released was the new box of the Big Bad Bow in 2006, which does not have a theme, but is commonly associated with the line. Strangely enough, several blasters from different lines were re-released under the Action Blasters name, like the Airtech 1000 from Airtech and the Atomizer from Atom Blasters. These blasters can be organized into this theme because of the yellow bar in which the name of the blaster is seen, is on all of the Action Blasters' boxes.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 Airtech1000
Airtech 1000
2 Airtech2000TwinPack
Airtech 2000
3 AT3K
Airtech 3000
4 Atomizer
5 BigBadBowbox2
Big Bad Bow
6 Titan
Big Bad Titan
7 ReactorAction
8 TechTargetgen2
Tech Target

Proposed blasters Edit

These blasters feature the yellow ring and cannot be categorized in any other theme, however lack the Action Blasters name on the box.

# Picture Name and Info
1 Hornetbix
Hornet AS-6
2 RapidFireAS20
Rapid Fire AS-20
3 MiniUnity
Titan AS-V + Scout IX-3 Pack
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