Air Warriors EXTREME
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Extreme Darts


Air Warriors

Air Warriors EXTREME (formerly known as Air Blasters Extreme) is a sub-series of Air Warriors. It is very similar to the old Air Tech line from Nerf from the early 2000s. All blasters in this sub-series are air powered, which means you have to manually pump to fill the air tank before firing. Most of them fire the special Extreme darts except for the Blastzooka which fires the standard non glow Air Warriors missiles.

Products Edit

Picture Name Year
AirMax1 Air Max 1/Mag 1 2013
AirMax10New Air Max 10 2013
AirMax6 Air Max 6/Mag 6 2013
Blastzooka Blastzooka 2014
48700 Panther 384x220 Panther 2012
RangeMaster Range Master 2012

Gallery Edit

  • The original Air Blasters Extreme logo.
  • The current logo.
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