Buzz Bee
Air Warriors Flying Toys
Year Released:

2004-2007, 2014-Present



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Ruff Stuff Air Blasters, Air Warriors

Air Warriors Flying Toys (formerly known as Air Warriors) is a 2004 series created by Buzz Bee. The series has special blasters which shoot special darts that glide, very much like a Glider Launcher's Aero Gliders. It originally had five products, but the line was discontinued in 2007 for unknown reasons. It was later reintroduced in 2014 with the "Air Warriors Flying Toys" name, instead of just Air Warriors to avoid confusion with the other series of the same name which replaced the Air Blasters line.

Products Edit

Picture Name Year
Imageless Bumble Bee 2004
Falcon Falcon 2004, 2014
Imageless Insect Swarm 2004
StuntDarts Stunt Darts 2014
Imageless Tiger Moth 2004
Imageless Wild Wing 2004
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