Airhawk/Scorpion Bow
Year Released:

?, 2013, 2014



Stock Capacity:

3 Arrows (Air Zone)
3 Super Arrows (Dart Zone Covert Ops)

Average Retail Price(s):

27.99 USD (Air Zone)
??? USD (Dart Zone Covert Ops)


Boss Bow, Air Zone, Jump Zone, Dart Zone Covert Ops

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The Airhawk (Air Zone version named the Scorpion Bow) is a Boss Bow blaster that holds 3 Arrows. It is essentially a knockoff Big Bad Bow, as it retains all the features, and its internals are very similar as well. It uses a trigger, like with the Big Bad Bow, and the look of the blaster is very similar to the Zing line of bows. It is very powerful, and is an easy candidate for modifications. The Airhawk was initially released by Prime Time Toys under the Boss Bow line of bows. It was then apparently shifted over to the Air Zone line under the name of Scorpion Bow. There were two changes made to the Scorpion Bow: the addition of a scope and the removal of the L-shaped handle at the rear of the priming mechanism. The scope does not provide magnification like with most other scopes for blasters. Prime Time Toys later rereleased the Airhawk two more times; the first being in the Jump Zone lineup, and the second in the Dart Zone Covert Ops lineup. It costs $27.99, and received good reviews when it was first released. It, like most other Air Zone blasters, is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load one arrow onto the front post.
Step 2 - Pull back the rear priming mechanism until it locks into place.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to launch the arrow.
Step 4 - Push the priming mechanism forward all the way until a click is heard.

Gallery Edit

  • The Boss Bow version of the Airhawk.
  • The first coloration of the Scorpion Bow.
  • The Jump Zone version of the Airhawk.
  • The second coloration of the Scorpion Bow.
  • The Airhawk in the Covert Ops line.
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