Airjet Power
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Airjet Power was a line of air-powered Nerf dart blasters that ran from 1998 to 2001. It was followed by its sequel called Airjet Power Plus, much like Max Force was followed up by Max Force 2112. It used a new air-pumping technology that vastly increased blaster ranges. It is one of the most well-received blaster themes of its time, with all blasters but the Stinger having good reception. Its sales success led to the demise of fellow Nerf themes Mega Blitz and the popular Hyper Sight series, even outlasting SuperMaxx, Power Nerf (its intended replacement), and Switchshots. It was truly succeeded by the Action Blasters theme.

Even though all the blasters recieved good or mixed review, they almost all suffer from just one stigma: A very poor rate of fire.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name
1 Hailstorm
2 Lightnin'Blitz
Lightnin' Blitz
3 RapidFireAS20
Rapid Fire 20
4 SecretShotII
Secret Shot II
5 Stinger
6 TripleStrike
Triple Strike
7 Wildfire
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