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Stock Capacity:

Micro Darts and Ballistic Balls

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Airtech is a family of Nerf blasters that were very popular during the early 2000s. Typical Airtech guns take only Micro Darts but there is two exceptions; the Airtech Ball Blaster, which shoots Ballistic Balls and the Airtech Air Jet Squadron, which fires its own unique ammo called Sonic Jets. The Airtech family can be somewhat linked to the Atom Blasters theme, as the Ball Blaster was succeeded by one of the guns in this family. All blasters in it are discontinued. It was succeeded by the Air System N-Strike line.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name
1 Airtech1k
Airtech 1000
2 Airtech2000
Airtech 2000
3 Airtech3000
Airtech 3000
4 1-01
Airtech 4000
5 Shrink
Airtech Ball Blaster
6 AirtechJetSquadron
Airtech Jet Squadron
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