200px-Nerf logo 1992 r.png This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.
Airtech 2000
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Stock Capacity:

4 Micro Darts

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Airtech/Action Blasters

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The Airtech 2000 (commonly shortened to just AT2K) is the smallest air-powered Nerf Airtech blaster. This blaster was first introduced in 2003 and is no longer available for purchase in retail stores. It was also released in a two-pack under the Action Blasters label. It is an air-powered compact pistol that holds four Micro Darts in its front turret. It is very powerful and extremely popular in the modding community although it is hard to find now. It has to be manually rotated unlike the Airtech 3000 and Airtech 4000 and because of that it has a slower rate of fire. It does, however, have a varying maximum distance which is debated about for some reason with some sites claiming 30 feet and others claiming 50 feet. It has been made available in three reboxings, the original run, the 2003 re-release and the Action Blasters kind, all of which were released in four colors each. The green kind of this blaster is very rare and is the rarest in the whole theme. It is generally perceived to be as a successor to the SuperMaxx 1500 due to similar mechanics and because both blasters have a four-dart turret.

How to Fire[edit | edit source]

Step 1 - Pump the pumping handle 4 to 10 times. Do not exceed this amount or it could ruin the blaster. It is recommended to pump it up from 4 to 6 times however 9 to 10 pumps receives its maximum distance.
Step 2 - Load four Micro Darts into the turret.
Step 3 - Manually rotate the turret to a spot with a dart inside it.
Step 4 - Press trigger all the way to fire the Micro Dart.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Airtech 2000 is a small blaster, around the size of an N-Strike Maverick REV-6, but slightly smaller. It has a four-dart turret in the front which takes nearly every type of Micro Dart. It is compact and comes in four colours, red (most common), blue/yellow, blue/green and green (least common), all of which identical in performance. It has a Liquitron Power Gauge at the top of the blaster like the Airtech 3000 and 4000. It changes in colours for each variation but it serves the same purpose throughout them all.

Color variations[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This blaster is the smallest blaster to have a Liquitron Power Gauge.
  • This blaster is the smallest air-powered blaster in the Airtech series.
  • This blaster is sometimes said to be the replacement to the SuperMaxx 1500, which was discontinued around the same time this was introduced.
  • The pump on this blaster is a little similar to the Super Soaker EES Tempests, which was introduced around the same time as this blaster.
  • This was one of three blasters in the theme to be given a reboxing, the others being the Airtech 1000 and Airtech 3000.

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