Aqua Squirtz
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Super Soaker themes

Aqua Squirtz was a 2004 Super Soaker theme geared to younger kids. Each of the blasters had flashy color schemes, and the products were specifically designed for those new or just getting into the hobby. All of the products had some sort if gimmick; Mt. Tiki Soki being a volcano with eyes that opened to signal when it was "erupting", which was basically shooting a continuous stream of water, the Wacky Soaker Sprinkler Ball was a ball with six nozzles and was not too practical for a water war anyway, while the other three blasters were in the shape of a boat and had tiny poseable action figures that could be placed on their decks.

Products Edit

Picture Name
H2ORacer H2O Racer
MantaRay Manta Ray
TikiWhite Mt. Tiki Soki
SurfSpeedster Surf Speedster
WSSB Wacky Soaker Sprinkler Ball
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