Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1 Rocket

Average Retail Price(s):

$5.99 (Single Pack)
$9.99 (Dual Pack)


Air Zone

The Ascender is a 2014 Air Zone rocket launcher that holds 1 Rocket. It is very similar to the Lanard Slam Shot. However, the Ascender's design is not based off the Slam Shot; it is a completely new design. It is geared for smaller kids who are getting into the hobby. Simply stomping on the air bladder causes the rocket to fly up into the air. The rocket launcher seems to be on some sort of metallic piece. The launcher cannot be angled so that it can shoot straight; it can only shoot up. The rocket launcher also has a dual pack, which is known as the Dual Ascender. The single pack costs $5.99 while the dual pack costs $9.99. It has an advertised range of either 40 or 50 feet, due to the dual and single packs having different range claims.

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