Atom Blaster
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Stock Capacity:

1 Ballistic Ball

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Ball Blasters

The Atom Blaster is a 2005 Nerf Ball Blasters weapon that comes with one Ballistic Ball. It is the cheapest Nerf blaster in its series, like the Atomizer is the previous Atom Blasters series. It retailed for around $6.99 when it was first introduced.

Description Edit

The Atom Blaster is a unique Nerf blaster. It is built to be quite sturdy, to withstand even the toughest drops. It was designed by Barry Kudrowitz and the concept was sold to Hasbro ([1]). His original idea, the "Hand Popper", was formed into this blaster after multiple prototype concepts, such as a stomp grenade, a palm-mounted blaster, a foam hand grenade complete with shrapnel, a tomahawk-thrower, and even a Super Soaker-like water gun.

It was designed to solve the old age "loading" problem by creating the Atom Blaster with a unique function; when you insert the ball into the blaster, it would automatically prime, increasing the rate of fire. Because of this, it was a very fast-firing blaster for its class that was also a good pocket weapon due to its size.

History Edit

This blaster was introduced in 2005. It was the last blaster to be released in the Ball Blasters series, but the first to be discontinued, making it a rare blaster nowadays.

Trivia Edit

  • The Atom Blaster is commonly considered the successor to the Atomizer due to its size and price.
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