Back Alley Street Hockey
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Nerf Sports (Head 2 Head)

The Back Alley Street Hockey (or B.A.S.H.) is a 1995 Nerf Sports Head 2 Head hockey set. The set depicts a scene in a back alley with two teams, named the Crows and Yard Dogs, playing street hockey. It works similarly to larger arcade-style hockey games. The rods slide in and out and rotate around to move the figures; players are controlled by the rods on the end of the board and the goalies by the rods on the sides. The game also had an electronic scoreboard and built-in sound effects, with some sounds being the sound of crows, sirens, barking dogs, and player voices among others. There are controls for the scoreboard, them being "On/Off", "Start/Period", "Time Out", "Period Length" and "Volume". When the game begins, a small steel ball that measures half an inch is dropped into the playing field via one of the two scoreboard towers. This puts the ball exactly in the middle onto the playing field. When goals are scored, the electronic goalkeeper keeps tabs on the score, along with playing sound effects for players to keep track of the current scores. It also activates half-time and game over sequences automatically, allowing the players to keep the game going. The "Time Out" function allows players to take a break from the match. The Back Alley Street Hockey set runs off three "C"-sized batteries, and is now rare and hard to find.


ABC - Nerf BASH (Back Alley Street Hockey) (1996)-0

ABC - Nerf BASH (Back Alley Street Hockey) (1996)-0

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