The Ballistic Ball was a type of Nerf Ammunition that was the second Nerf ammunition released (after the Nerf rocket), back in 1989.

Since then, it has been set aside for the more popular dart types. Because of this, it is widely considered "wimpy". It is also because of its poor range and because Hasbro has marketed blasters including these for younger children, but are useful for close-range combat in Nerf wars. They are sold in green or yellow most of the time, however used to be sold in two different shades of blue, as well as in purple and orange.

Generation 1 (1989-1995, 1998-2001) Edit


This was the first generation of Ballistic Ball. It was released as the first type of Nerf ammunition, and was the longest running color of Ballistic Ball. It came in several refill packs, and was included in 11 blasters. It was directly replaced by Generation 5.

Generation 2 (1992)Edit


This generation of Ballistic Ball was only released in refill packs. It was released around 1992, however its actual release date is unknown. This is the second rarest type of Ballistic Ball after the orange ball (generation 3).

Generation 3 (1992) Edit

This generation was only found in the Demolition Man AC-MAG. These ballistic balls where orange in color, and are the rarest kind of Ballistic Ball.

Orange Ballistic Ball

Generation 4 (2001)Edit


This generation was only seen in the Airtech Ball Blaster. It is blue coloured, and was also seen in prototypes of the Atomizer. These balls are quite difficult to find today.

Generation 5 (2002-2005) Edit


This is the only Ballistic Ball type to be found in refill packs still. It is the most recent generation, and was featured in the Atom Blasters and the Ball Blasters lines. It was green in colour, and are slightly larger than the previous generations.

Trivia Edit

  • There was also the Bungee Ball, a variation of the Ballistic Ball but with an elastic bungee cord.

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