Belt Blaster
Belt Blaster
Year Released:

???, 2011



Stock Capacity:

30 Micro Darts

Average Retail Price(s):



Buzz Bee

The Belt Blaster is a Buzz Bee blaster that runs on a belt of 30 Micro Darts. It is one of the better Buzz Bee blasters, and one of the most popular. It is considered the successor to the slow-selling, aging, Mech Tommy 20. It was rereleased in 2011 with a blue color scheme.

Trivia Edit

  • The Belt Blaster is similar to from the Weapon/Anti Vehicle Model 6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (otherwise known as the Spartan Laser) from the Halo series.
  • The blue version has a longer barrel.
  • When used with an Overlord's belt, the Belt Blaster gets horrible ranges as the former blaster's belt is not made for an air seal.
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