Big Salvo
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4 Missile Darts

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Lanard/Air Zone

The Big Salvo is an oddly-named yet creatively-designed Lanard blaster. This blaster was first introduced in 2003 and is currently still available for purchase. It was also released as an Air Zone blaster. It is a air-powered semi-automatic Rocket launcher activated by pulling the trigger and pushing the button similar to a Nerf Hornet AS-6. It is very powerful, versatile gun that is rarely seen on field in a Nerf war. All 4 Missile Darts are launched when activated, which is good for making your mark. However, this forces you to pack extra Missile Darts and to reload frequently. Because of this, Lanard made a Missile Dart Refill Pack which contains 4 Missile Darts. It does have some quality and control issues, and frequently breaks. It is loud, and not good for surprise attacks. It has three different colors, black, red and blue (discontinued). It is one of the least reliable blasters ever made because of the poor build quality of the blaster. Many blasters out of the box come broken for some reason, and the air tanks are notorious for breaking. Because of this, it is usually not brought into battle. It is completely compatible with Elite Missiles, though.

How to Fire[edit | edit source]

Step 1 - Pump the pumping handle 9 to 10 times.
Step 2 - Press trigger lightly to fire one Missile Dart.
Step 3 - Press trigger all the way to fire all four Missile Darts.

Tit variations[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The blue kind is the least seen variation due to only the black and red being mass produced lately.
  • This is one of only three blasters compatible with the Missile Dart.
  • It is possible that the arrows from the Big Bad Bow and Triple Strike are compatible with this blaster.
  • By prying off the tips of the barrels and inserting any smaller type of barrel it can fire Micro Darts or Stealth Darts while still being able to fire the Missile Darts.
  • It appears that there is a chainsaw design on the stock of the blaster.
  • The method of firing four Missile Darts at the same time is reminiscent of the Triple Strike.
  • It is very rarely found in Australia, seemingly only available at some Toyworld shops.
  • It was re-released as an Air Zone blaster as well, alongside the Blast Bazooka.
  • The pump has been red for both the first and second generations, but the third generation changed the colour to black.
  • Only the newest generation, the red kind, was available in Lanard's new boxes, all the others are still using the older kind.

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