200px-Nerf logo 1992 r.png This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.
Big Trouble
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

2.3L of water


Super Charger

The Big Trouble is a 2000 Super Charger Super Soaker that holds 2.3L of water. It is no longer available for purchase since its home line has since been discontinued. It is classified as a elastic pressure blaster.

Details[edit | edit source]

The Big Trouble, like the Super Charger Power Pak before it, features a backpack-based water reservoir unit connected to the blaster component via a tube. Despite the name, it is known as the smallest single-piece backpack soaker. Because of the backpack reservoir, most of the weight is placed on the user's shoulder when worn on the back.

Because it is a Super Charger series soaker, the Big Trouble can be refilled using the Q.F.D. and a hose.

Nozzle Settings[edit | edit source]

The Big Trouble has four different nozzle settings on its blaster component;

  • 1.5x
  • 8.5x
  • Fan Blast
  • Power Burst

How to Fire[edit | edit source]

Step 1 - Fill up the blaster using the Q.F.D.
Step 2 - Select your preferred nozzle setting.
Step 3 - Press the trigger to fire water.

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