Blast Bazooka
Blast Bazooka
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

Nukes (Comes with 2)

Average Retail Price(s):



Lanard "Total X-STREAM Air"

The Blast Bazooka large, bazooka-shaped gun that was produced by Lanard. This gun was first introduced in 2006 and is no longer available. It uses Nukes as ammunition and comes with two. It is air-powered, and uses a pump. A unique element of the Blast Bazooka is that the internals are incredibly similar to that of the Buzz Bee Big Blast, which was released at around the same time and costs less. Like the Big Blast, this gun has a lot of mechanical issues which prevents it from being a Nerfer's choice on Battlegrounds. The Nukes included are hard to find, requiring you to stock up on them.

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