Blast Bow
Blast Bow-1


Stock Capacity:

3 Missile Darts

Average Retail Price(s):



Lanard Total X-Stream Air

The Blast Bow is a Lanard blaster that holds 3 Missile Darts. It is one of the better products released by Lanard, and has impressive range. It is similar to the Bow 'n' Arrow, Arrow Strike, Scorpion Bow and Big Bad Bow in the fact that they are all bow and arrow-based Nerf blasters. It costs around $12.99.

Description Edit

It comes with three Arrows and fires them one at a time, while the others sit of the top in a holder. It is very reminiscent of past blasters like the Bow 'n' Arrow, but at the size of an Arrow Strike. It is very good for its price, and should be picked up if found. It makes a good addition to any Nerf arsenal.

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