Blast Shield
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N-Strike, Stampede ECS

The Blast Shield is a Nerf N-Strike Accessory that comes with the Stampede ECS. It has a similar shape to the 1996 Max Force Manta Ray. It is used to block oncoming darts from hitting you in the face, however it doesn't fully cover the scalp, leaving part of your head open to fire. There is an area where you can see through to block enemy fire in the middle of the shield, and the holes are tiny enough that darts will collide and fall off. It is best used on the Stampede ECS or the Recon CS-6, because most blasters will jitter around if this is used on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it can be attached to many other blasters than the Stampede, it only really fits on a select few of them.
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