Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

8 Zombie Strike Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

29.99 USD


Zombie Strike

Plunger Type:


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The Brainsaw is a Nerf Zombie Strike blaster that is able to hold up to 8 Zombie Strike Darts. The Brainsaw was released in 2016. The Brainsaw costs 29.99 USD.

Description Edit

The Brainsaw is essentially a Nerf Rough Cut 2x4 without the ability to fire 2 darts at once. The blaster also has chainsaw like action up in the front of the blaster, powered by a elastic cord. There is also a carry handle which comes detached when in the box. This blaster also has a smart air restrictor system.

Position in Theme Edit

The Brainsaw seems to be the primary blaster in the Zombie Strike lineup.

Blaster Co-relation Edit

The Crosscut is it's smaller brother. The Brainsaw is also notably similar to the Rough Cut 2x4 because of the way the blasters are primed, the darts are both loaded in the front, and they both have slam fire, they also both also have the same capacity.

Faults Edit

Like every blaster, the Brainsaw has faults, the major fault is that the Brainsaw is lacking performance wise.

How to Fire Edit

Single fire

Step 1 - Load 8 darts in the barrels
Step 2 - Prime the blaster
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire a dart

Slam fire

Step 1 - Do Step 1 normally
Step 2 - Hold the trigger
Step 3 - Continuously prime the blaster

Trivia Edit

  • Some models of the Brainsaw have locky slam firing.

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