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1996, 1998, 2000-2002



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Super Soaker

CPS (short for Constant Pressure System) was a successful theme of Super Soakers that ran from 1996 to 2002. The series, consisting of thirteen blasters which were all elastic-pressured, representing the largest class at the time of its release, much like XXP at the time of its release.

All soakers used a special rubber air bladder system as opposed to an air tank. This gave the soakers more power and higher velocity shots. That made the line very popular within its first year, which was 1996. The series went on a hiatus twice, once between 1996 and 1998, and another between 1998 and 2000.

In 2000, the CPS 1200, CPS 1700, CPS 2700 and CPS 3200 were released, all bearing flashy color schemes, which helped expand the possibilities ahead for the line.

In 2001, the CPS 1-3-5 and CPS Splashzooka 65oz. were released, and both of them were considered novelties. Unfortunately, the 2001 line-up did not receive as much acclaim as the line in previous years, with the CPS 1-3-5 being considered the worst out of the entire lineup of 13 blasters.

In 2002, fans were extremely disappointed that only two soakers being released, the CPS 2100 and the CPS 4100, with the CPS 4100 being heavily based off the Monster from the Monster series.

After 2002, Hasbro took over the Super Soaker marque from Larami, and no CPS blasters have been produced since; a mere five soakers have been released with a rubber bladder since then. Even though the line has been discontinued, some of the soakers in the line are very valuable today; most notably the CPS 2000.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year
Cps135 CPS 1-3-5 2001
Cps1000 CPS 1000 1998
Cps1200 CPS 1200 2000
Cps1500 CPS 1500 1998
CPS1700 CPS 1700 2000
Cps2000mk1 CPS 2000 1996
Cps2100 CPS 2100 2002
Cps2500 CPS 2500 1998
Cps2700 CPS 2700 2000
Cps3000 CPS 3000 1998
Cps3200 CPS 3200 2000
Cps4100 CPS 4100 2002
Cpssplashzooka CPS Splashzooka 65oz. 2001

Trivia Edit

  • The CPS series is home to the most powerful production water gun in the world, the CPS 2000 Mk. 1. It has held this record for 17 years and counting, since it took over the title from the older Super Soaker 300.
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