Classic Super Soaker
Year Released:

1989 - 1994, 1997




Super Soaker

The Classic Super Soaker line is an unofficial name for the first few blasters manufactured by Larami as part of their Super Soaker toyline. The series was fairly successful starting from the introduction of the Super Soaker 50 in 1989, and continued on until 1994. All blasters used air pressure, either stored in a pressurized reservoir or a separate firing chamber. The line was revived briefly in 1997, but discontinued shortly afterwards due to poor sales. The Classic Super Soaker line was succeeded by the XP line, a highly successful Super Soaker line that ran until 2001.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year Type
Ss10 00 Super Soaker 10 1994 Pressurized reservoir
SS20 Super Soaker 20 1991 Pressurized reservoir
Ss20 01 Super Soaker 20: New and Improved 1992 Pressurized reservoir
SS25 Super Soaker 25 1992 Separate firing chamber
SS30 Super Soaker 30 1990 Pressurized reservoir
SS40 Super Soaker 40 1993 Pressurized reservoir
Super soaker 50 Super Soaker 50 1989 Pressurized reservoir
SS60 Super Soaker 60 1994 Separate firing chamber
SS100 Super Soaker 100 1990 Separate firing chamber
SS100NI Super Soaker 100: New and Improved 1997 Separate firing chamber
Supersoaker1 Super Soaker 200 1991 Separate firing chamber
Ss300 Super Soaker 300 1993 Separate firing chamber
MDS Super Soaker MDS 1993 Separate firing chamber
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