Clear Series
Year Released:

2008, 2010





The Clear Series is an N-Strike series of repainted traditional Nerf blasters. Each of them have been given new, clear shells. They are no different from their colored counterparts except for the fact that nearly all their colored plastic has been replaced with transparent plastic. They are however, significantly better in battle because the blasters seem to have more powerful, stronger internals, although the shells are more delicate.

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 CS1
Deploy CS-6 (Clear)
2 CS2
Maverick REV-6 (Clear)
3 CS3
Nite Finder EX-3 (Clear)
4 CS4
Raider CS-35 (Clear)
5 CS5
Recon CS-6 (Clear)
6 Cs6
Vulcan EBF-25 (Clear)

Trivia Edit

  • Some parts are made of weaker plastic, so they can break.
  • It was originally called 'Clear the Way'.
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