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Clip Blaster 10
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Stock Capacity:

10 Micro Darts

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The Clip Blaster 10 is a 2009 Buzz Bee blaster that holds 10 Micro Darts. It is a clip blaster similar to a Quickfire 10 that has a 10-Dart Clip that, unlike the previous Buzz Bee clips, does not use shells. Because of this it is the most powerful clip blaster they have made yet. The clip looks similar to a banana clip yet is translucent, so you can partially look through it. It is one of the best Buzz Bee blasters introduced although it has very little modding potential. It is only found in green.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Load ten darts into the clip.
Step 2 - Load the clip into the blaster
Step 3 - Pull back the cocking-mechanism, located at the bottom of the blaster.
Step 4 - Press the firing trigger to fire the dart.

Description Edit

The Clip Blaster 10 is a rather rare blaster from Buzz Bee. It was first found around 2009 and appeared quietly on shelves. It takes a ten-dart clip, which is exclusive to this blaster. It has a green and orange color scheme. The clip is translucent orange, making it the first clip to be partially transparent.

The blaster is cocked like a Maverick REV-6 or a Speedloader and is fired by pressing the firing trigger located at the back of the blaster. It is sold usually for around $10 US but can be found cheaper in some stores. When Buzz Bee made the switch from "Air Blasters" to "Air Warriors", this blaster for some reason did not make the jump it seems and production is now over.

The blaster was to have a successor known as the Ultimate Clip Blast, which was part of the Ultimate Blasters lineup. It can be considered a successor to this blaster as it used the same clip, but it was cancelled at the last minute; likely due to the reliability and quality issues associated with the blasters of the line.

Trivia Edit

  • It is not compatible with the previous Buzz Bee clips featured in the Clip Tek, Rapid Fire Tek and Hawk.
  • This is the only Buzz Bee blaster to use the included clip.

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