Clip Shot
17454081 300x300 1


Stock Capacity:

20 Stealth Darts


Lanard Total X-Stream Air

The Clip Shot (titled the Motorized Clip Shot on the box) is a Lanard blaster that holds 20 Stealth Darts in 2 10-Dart Clips. Another version of this blaster was made, the Clip Shot Fast and Furious. The Clip Shot was replaced by the Moto Twin Fire Blaster, which has the same function but uses 11-Dart Clips instead of the 10-Dart Clips included. It is a flywheel blaster that uses the trigger to rev the flywheels rather than the pusher. Pulling and pushing the pump will make the 2 barrels go in and out and fire the 10 darts out of the two barrels simultaneously. It is quite hard to find now.

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