Commando 12
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

12 Clip Darts



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The Commando 12 is a 2013 Lanard Huntsman blaster that holds 12 Clip Darts. The blaster is basically a Huntsman 50 without the barrel attachment. It is meant to be a more mobile version of the Huntsman 50, as it does not come with its barrel extension, but comes with its detachable stock. Camo patterns are seen on the blaster, like with all other Huntsman blasters. Just like the Huntsman 50, it is a bolt action blaster, and has an advertised range of fifty feet.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load six darts into the clip.
Step 2 - Load the clip into the blaster.
Step 3 - Work the bolt up, backwards, forward, then down.
Step 4 - Pull the trigger to fire a dart.

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