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Cougar - 8.25

WorldmapCountry: America  Age Group: Teen  GenderSex: Male
DayJoined: July 16, 2014 Micro darts № of Reviews: 2 Nerf logo 92 № of Featured Reviews: 0

The Cougar is not wellknown compared to most Buzzbee guns, so I was lucky to find it.
Ammo: Micro Darts
Pros: A capacity of 10 darts. AMAZING MODDING POTENTIAL. It takes not even 5 minutes to take out the air restrictors with a push pin. A range of 60 feet too. Impressive for a Buzzbee blaster.
Cons: You need to keep pulling back the stock to prime it. The clip is a hell of a time to stick in.

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Seven stars

It's a good blaster. A better alternative for the Maverick.
Review by: LookatmeIgotaKey
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