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2 Zombie Strike Darts


Zombie Strike

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The Crosscut is a 2016 Nerf Zombie Strike blaster that holds 2 Zombie Strike Darts. As the name suggests, the blaster has a gimmick, which is a buzzsaw blade located on the left side of the blaster. It can be spun and activated by a secondary trigger located below the main firing trigger. As it has 2 barrels, the blaster comes with a smart air restrictor system, which allows a dart to fire no matter which barrel it is fitted into, similar to a Doublestrike.

Description Edit

The Crosscut is a blaster that looks rather similar to a Doublestrike, and is fired quite similarly. However, there are a few differences, such as the lack of a hammer, but the addition of a gimmick. The Crosscut has a second trigger located below the firing trigger, which is used to spin the saw blade.

Internals Edit

The Crosscut's internals are unknown as of now, but it is assumed that it has a direct plunger, a few gears for the sawblade and the smart air restrictor system.

Position in Theme Edit

The Crosscut is the sidearm of the line.

Blaster Co-relation Edit

The Brainsaw is it's bigger brother

Faults Edit

Like all other blasters, the Crosscut has faults. The main fault is that the saw makes the blaster a little heavier than usual.

How to Fire Edit

Step 1 - Load 2 darts into the barrels.
Step 2 - Pull the priming bar back.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire a dart. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to fire the second dart.

Trivia Edit

  • Some prototype pictures of the Crosscut show it using a cord mechanism to spin the sawblade.
    • The prototype was known as the Sawtooth.

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