Not to be confused with the Xtreme Dart Bow or Xtreme Power Bow Dart, two similar blasters that are otherwise unrelated despite being made by the same company

Dart Bow/Eagle Dart Bow
Year Released:

2013, 2014



Stock Capacity:

8 Micro Darts (Air Zone)
8 Super Suction Darts (Dart Zone Covert Ops)

Average Retail Price(s):

27.99 USD (Air Zone)


Air Zone, Dart Zone, Covert Ops, Powerstrike

The Dart Bow (Dart Zone Covert Ops version is named Eagle) is a 2013 Air Zone blaster that holds 8 Micro Darts. It acts as the successor to the Xtreme Power Bow Dart, a very similar blaster in many aspects including capacity and integrated clip except for the type of darts and shell moldings. It is advertised to use "Powerstrike Technology". The clip used is rather similar to the much smaller Jaguar, a Buzz Bee blaster also sold under the Air Zone line. In 2014, Prime Time Toys rereleased the Dart Bow into their Covert Ops line, a sister line to the Dart Zone line. After its induction into said line, it has been renamed the Eagle and advertised with an upgraded range of up to 70 feet, and given a new color scheme. It cost $27.99 when it was initially released, and has an advertised range of thirty feet. It, like all other Air Zone blasters, is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load eight darts into the clip. Push them in all the way until they stop for the best ranges.
Step 2 - Pull the rear handle and release to fire. Repeat until all darts have been shot.

Gallery Edit

  • The Air Zone blaster.
  • The Eagle.

Trivia Edit

  • Although advertised to use Powerstrike Technology, it does not have anything in common with any of the other Powerstrike blasters, other than it's high rate of fire and the fact that it is "Semi-Automatic".
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