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Dart Tag is a Nerf theme. When introduced in 2003, it started out with one blaster set called the Firestrike, which was two Nite Finder EX-3s with the Dart Tag "opposite teams colour scheme". Since then, all blasters have either been released in orange and green or red and blue. To promote the "Tag" aspect about the theme, the darts all have velcro on their tips. These are called Tagger Darts . They will not work in clips. Other items of merchandise include Vision Gear Goggles, Dart Tag scoring vests and Official Dart Tag Competition Jerseys. In Canada all the 2011 blasters are branded Dart Tag 2.0. Further more, in late 2011 another 2.0 blaster was announced, called the Speedswarm.

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Dart Tag League Edit

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From 2008 until 2011, Hasbro ran a dart tag competition to see who is the best at dart tag. The winning teams received $25,000 USD. The kids aged 13-17 joined into teams and competed with Dart Tag blasters.

Trivia Edit

  • Many Dart Tag blasters released have the word "fire" in their name.
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