Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

10 XLR discs

Average Retail Price(s):

19.99 USD


Vortex, Multishot Madness

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The Diatron is a 2013 Vortex series blaster that can hold up to 10 XLR discs at a time, but it comes included with eight discs by default. It is one of only two Nerf blasters that were released in the Multishot Madness sub-series, the other being the Rough Cut 2×4. It retailed for 19.99 USD when it was first released, and had gotten good reviews.

The Diatron's main gimmick, being a Multishot Madness blaster, is its ability to fire not one, but two XLR discs at the same time with only one pull of the trigger. It features an internal magazine system like that of the Vigilon, but it could hold up to twice the number of discs at a time. It uses a different system than other Vortex blasters, using a sideways piece of plastic instead of a hook.

It is sometimes considered the cousin of the Vigilon. However, instead of a slide, the Diatron uses a side-positioned lever for its priming action. However, it cannot fire a singular disc at a time, meaning that both blasters would run out of discs in roughly the same amount of time. It also features an attachment point for N-Strike stock accessories.

It was first released in early 2013. It was re-released later the same year, this time colored white with a black graphic.

How to FireEdit

Step 1 - Load 10 discs into the Diatron's internal magazine.
Step 2 - Pull the lever forward and then back to prime the blaster.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second Vortex blaster to have the white and orange color scheme.
  • It is possibly the Vortex equivalent of the Rough Cut 2x4, but the Rough Cut is able to fire one dart at a time while the Diatron can't fire one disc.
  • Despite being packaged with orange and white discs, the manual shows it firing green discs.
  • It is the only Vortex blaster to have a lever-action priming mechanism.
    • That being said, the Diatron was the first Nerf blaster released to have a priming lever, pre-dating the Zombie Strike series Slingfire by about a year.
    • It is also the only Nerf blaster to have a side-positioned priming lever.
  • Despite it holding 10 XLR discs, it only comes with 8.
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