Disc Blaster
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

24 Astro Disks



The Disc Blaster is a 2013 Lanard blaster that holds 24 Astro Disks. This is the first disk blaster Lanard has made since the Ring Accelerator. This is also the first bullpup blaster made by Lanard, and is also the first ever bullpup disk blaster in all blaster companies. It apparently has LED lights that light up when the trigger is squeezed, similar to the Ring Accelerator. It has a removable magazine that holds 24 disks in the rear of the blaster. The Disc Blaster looks to be a flywheel blaster, as evidenced from the side of the blaster, where there is a wheel on the side. It comes in 2 colors, green and red.

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