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== Review ==
== Review ==
{{NR}}Range 4/10 The Electrostorm has very poor range of 18 ft
Accurcy 4/10 Due The Poor Range Also Poor Accuracy
Reliablity 10/10 It cannot jam
Capacity 0/10 It Has 3 ounces of water
overalll 3/10 Its a poor blaster
[[Category:Nerf blasters]]
[[Category:Nerf blasters]]
[[Category:Super Soaker]]
[[Category:Super Soaker]]

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Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

85mL of water

Average Retail Price(s):



Super Soaker, Storm

The Electrostorm is a 2012 Nerf Storm Super Soaker that holds 85mL of water. It has a built-in Water Clip, but instead of holding 300mL, it only holds 85mL of water. It has no tactical rail, because of its size. The Microburst is smaller than that, but the Lightningstorm is its bigger brother. There might be more blasters utilizing the PowerSoak Technology in the future.


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