Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

76mL of water

Average Retail Price(s):



Super Soaker, PowerSoak Technology

The Electrostorm is a 2012 Nerf PowerSoak Technology Super Soaker that holds 76mL of water. It has a built-in Water Clip, but instead of holding 300mL, it only holds 76mL of water. It has no tactical rail, because of its size. The Microburst is smaller than that, but the Lightningstorm is its bigger brother. There might be more blasters utalizing the PowerSoak Technology in the future.


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Our son recieved one for his B-Day and it did not work, so we took it to the local wal-mart and picked up a new one. It does not work either. On our way now to get a gift card for it so that our son can pick something he wants that will probably work. For the goof balls of the world, yes we put batteries in it, yes they were new batteries out of a new package. We've attempted to call the Nerf company (14 times now), and apparently there are others with the same problem as the number stays in busy mode.

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