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This Is a Nerf Series that will be released in August 2020.

Details Edit

This series takes on a more futuristic appearance than N-Strike Elite. The blasters seem to feature more tactical rails, indicating that Modulus will meet its end. The blasters sport a metallic cyan-ish color, whte, grey, orange, and black. It also indicates that N-Strike Elite may be coming to an end, too.

History: Edit

It was first leaked in early 2020.


or not

Commander RC-6 19.99
K2k21fqy26BYUgiLz648BCSNU2GrziJeGRlb13gsO1w (1)
Trio TD-3 9.99
104297030 217402739225420 3407018215047279729 n
Echo CS-10 39.99
Turbine CS-18 49.99
Mzuwd47k0s651 (1)
Volt SD-1 14.99
Warden DB-8 24.99
Shockwave RD-15
Shockwave RD-15 34.99
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