Elite Dart
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N-Strike Elite

The Elite Dart is an improved version of the Streamline Dart, having better range and accuracy and exclusive to the N-Strike Elite series. Unlike the older Streamline Dart, it does not have the long plastic stem inside it, allowing for more blaster compatibility, along with a better foam body and improved durability.

Before its release, it was rumored that they would be able to stick to flat surfaces like a Micro Dart and whistle like a Sonic Micro Dart, but Nerf announced that both of those were not true. The darts are compatible with N-Strike and Dart Tag blasters, and not just the N-Strike Elite series blasters, either.

Color variants Edit

The Elite Dart comes in plenty of color variants;

  • Yellow Body, Black Tip (Rayven Stinger)
  • White Body, Orange Tip (Modulus)
  • Red Body, Orange Tip (Sonic FIRE)
  • Light Blue Body, Orange Tip (DartFire)
  • White Body, White Tip (Glow in the Dark)
  • Random Color Body, Pink Tip (Collectible Dart)
  • Green Body, Green Tip (Zombie Strike Dart)
  • Orangeish-Yellow Body, Black Tip (Doomlands Dart)
  • White Body, Black Tip (Impact Zone Dart)
  • Gray Body, Purple Tip (Alien Menace Dart)
  • Whiite Body, Blue Tip (Alien Menace Dart alt)


  • Currently, there are 6 dart letter types. "A" comes with the Rough Cut 2x4 and the Rapidstrike CS-18 . "K" comes with the Strongarm, "W" comes with the Firestrike, Jolt, and Triad, "T"comes with the Alpha Trooper CS-12 and the Alpha Trooper CS-6. "J" comes in most refill packs and clip system N-Strike Elite blasters, and "Y". The differences of the darts are: the "W" types are lighter, so the single-shot blasters can hit the 75 ft ranges, "A" types are very unstable, "T" types preform a little better than "W" types, "Y" types seem to be cheaper made, and "K" types have old-school foam.
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