Elite Mega Darts are the primary ammunition in N-Strike Elite Mega series blasters. They are also used by the Dual-Strike from the N-Strike Elite range, as well as the Tri-Strike from N-Strike Modulus. They are longer in length than the Elite Darts, and resemble enlarged Elite Darts with a red color scheme.
Nerf Centurion dart

An Elite Dart compared to an Elite Mega Dart

These darts are meant to fire much further than normal darts.

Despite their name, they are actually much larger than the classic Mega Darts of the older eras of Nerf blasters. They also feature whistling tips. They are known to be particularly flimsy, and can tear up upon jams, especially when used with the Centurion blaster.

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  • Streamlined darts can fit inside Elite Mega Darts. This can also be done with other types of darts, but their tips will be sticking out of the bottom of the dart.
  • The walls of the darts are not any thicker than that of Elite Darts, however their holes are larger. You can fit one of these on your finger.
  • Unlike regular Whistler Darts where there is only one whistling hole on its dart head, the Elite Mega Dart has two whistling holes on its dart head.
  • On the Magnus, the included darts have tips that are a bit stiffer.
  • The darts produce a lower pitched whistling sound than Whistler Darts, Tagger Whistler Darts and Sonic Micro Darts of the old days.
  • It is similar in design to the older Screamin' Mega Dart, in which it is a large-sized dart with a whistling tip. The only difference is that the Elite Mega Dart is larger in size.

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  • The ten-dart refill pack of normal Elite Mega Darts.
  • The fifteen-dart refill pack of Zombie Strike Elite Mega Darts.

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