The Extreme Dart is a 2013 Buzz Bee ammunition.
It is basically a Micro Dart but the foam is different. Micro darts have softer foam for its body and Extreme darts have harder foam. The hard foam is to increase its range slightly.


This dart was made to increase ranges for the Air Blasters Extreme series. It first came with the Range Master and Panther with a yellow body and purple tip. At this time, the only way to get these darts is to buy more Range Masters or Panthers. In late 2013, there were refill packs and the design was changed to a black body with yellow tips. It was part of the new series, the "Air Warriors Extreme" series. This series also sells the Air Max 1, the Air Max 6, the Air Max 10, and the Range Master with the darts as well.

Compatible Blasters Edit

Gallery Edit

  • The old type of Extreme Dart.
  • The newer kind and the one seen now.
  • A comparison of the micro dart, old extreme dart and the new extreme dart.


  • It's advised not to fire these in other blasters as they can jam easily.
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